A little stroll around the plaza.

Buenos dear friends and readers. I thought I would take you for a brief stroll around the plaza. Music is always in the air. The delicious smell of meat and onions browning over mezquite coals waken the wolf in your stomach. The stalls offer trinkets, paper flowers, clothing, sombreros and hats and ceramic ware for all tastes.



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4 responses to “A little stroll around the plaza.

  1. Hey, these pics are so great. They resonate with Paloma shooting scenes there. Right out of the book. j

    • I am so glad you liked those scenes. As soon as the weather improves I’m going to troll the plaza and see if I can find some of these characters. Haven’t seen El Shorty riding his Holstein in a while. Relieved to know you didn’t fly away to the Land of Oz!

      • El Shorty would be a classic. We got to Taos for ten days just before the big tornado attack. Fortunately it missed Manhattan. I cannot imagine anything worse than a dust devil in Tecate. . . unless maybe a wildfire on wedding day!

  2. Sounds like you left Tornado Alley at a decisive moment. We can’t compete with midwest weather but I’ll bet we’ve got more certified witches!

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