Bar Diana, a Tecate Landmark

Back in l957 Tecate still had more horses than people. We only had two banks, one gas station, and you could park your car (or hitch your horse) anywhere. But we lacked a wholesome venue where nice people and good friends could gather over a cup of cheer. That summer Don Raul Mateus opened the doors of the Bar Diana. The name was inspired by the life size bronze sculpture of the deity of the hunt aiming her arrow from atop the fountain in the patio of the bar. The Diana quickly became the social epicenter of Tecate where casual meetings blossomed into lifelong friendships. It was here in the Diana that the happy news of the new baby or the passing of an old friend was shared with a warm abrazo. Couples have even chosen the Diana to exchange the vows of matrimony.

A lot has happened over fifty years. One dark and rainy night in 1974 the bronze Diana was abducted. The statue was never seen again. Who stole her away in the night? Is she sequestered in some politico’s basement? Was she put in a car and driven to the Other Side? No one knows. There are lots of theories but the disappearance of the Diana remains an undisclosed mystery.

Today the Bar Diana is a venerable landmark, a legend famous over much of the world. You might touch glasses and say “salud” to a visitor from England, Germany, Russia, South Africa or Kansas City, a local ranchero or the mayor.

And now, Carlos, son of Don Raul invites you to visit us and experience a little of Tecate’s hospitality and alegria!


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