Dost thou  think that because thou art virtuous there will be no more tamales and champurrado? There will be plenty of both. The Christmas season is far from over here in Tecate. Twelfth Night is a major event. On January 6th,  dia de reyes,  friends drop in bringing with them “la rosca” a delicious glazed sweet bread in the form of a crown or wreath. You ask them in and you all sit down  to enjoy a slice of rosca with coffee or champurrado. Hidden within the bread is a small  figurine of  “El Niño  Jesus.” The one who finds the ceramic baby Jesus in his slice is delegated host of the tamale party on Dia de Candelaria (Candlemas) on February 2nd.  All the  bakeries here work  twenty-four hour shifts to  produce the thousands of roscas that will be served this Friday. Now, that’s a lot of tamales and champurrado!

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  1. Baldilocks

    Here in Spain they are called “Roscón de Reyes” and ours not only have “el nño”, they also have a “haba” (a broad bead). Whoever gets the broad bead plays the host and has to wear the Golden crown that comes with the Roscón. When the three kings arrive there is a procession around the village and sweets are thrown for the children.


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