Stuff you won’t see at Walgreens.

Life in Tecate revolves around the plaza   – and it’s a good thing because all the essential necessities of life are only a few short steps from your shady bench; tacos for every palate, fish, beef, tongue, calf-head or eye tacos (served only in the morning). Music is always in the air to  fill your soul. There’s ice cream, nachos, churros, the perfect margarita at the Diana, and just around the corner, the botanical shops, purveyors of love potions,  magic lotions, amulets, enchanted creams and charmed soaps. I got this shot while browsing at  El Corita and found arnica for muscular aches and pains, sauco tea for sore throat, pasiflora tea, a standard of brujas and healers prescribed  to overcome stress, anxiety,  crankiness – even PMS. Here you will find an extensive variety of bath soaps for specific needs. You bathe in the one in the pink box and you should come into money by the time you finish the small  bar. The soap with a mouth printed on the label will stop  people from talking about you behind your back. A popular product here is the soap in the blue package formulated to keep your lover from wandering off with another. I also found a soap especially formulated for mal de amor and heals a broken heart. Then there also are potions to bring a lover into your arms.    You’ll even find a boy-repellent in case you have a girl away at school. As I said, you won’t find these practical aids  at  your neighborhood drugstore. See you in the plaza!

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