I  strolled down to the lake a little while ago to throw some bread to the ducks – and look who showed up!I have never seen anything like this in Tecate. Anybody know what it is?  Too small for a stork.


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5 responses to “PARTY CRASHER!

  1. Sharon Coffman

    Greetings from tornado alley. We have a bird very similar to this that summers in our creek above and below the crossing. Ours is a grey heron and this may be one too. Ours gets to looking a little beat up every few years and the next summer a younger, sharper version is there. We never did find the right rubber alligator to put next to the crossing but it was a great idea. Jim and Sharon

    • Hello out there! If my palapa were in Kansas it would be in West Virginia by now! The rubber alligator is still a possibility. So you have a heron! This is the first time we see anything like that out here. He must have been lost. He came in alone, stayed about a week or two, got bored with the place and took off. Saludos to you!

      • Sharon Coffman

        we are in a Blue Heron flyway . If he came through here he may have been blown way off course.
        On another subject, my new basic, no frills, Kindle is en route from Amazon. Upon arrival I can order Love Potion. And have a view of the mountain to refer back to!

      • Hey! I got my Kindle for Christmas and I absolutely love the thing! I’ll let you know if one of your stray herons comes this way.

  2. Baldilocks

    I have Kindle for PC and have downloaded Love Potion. My wife has a Kindle as does her mother, but they are not the “paperwhite” type and I tend to find that the contrast is not good enough for my weakened eyesight so reading on the PC screen is easier but is does have the disadvantage of not being able to carry it around with me. I do tend to prefer the paper versions of books anyway.


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