A bunch of us migrated over to Tacos Los Amigos for their famous comfort food. “I’m buying!” I announced. It might have been the after-effects of the margaritas consumed earlier at the Diana. Or maybe it was the music or the warm laughter of friendship. But the invitation was sincere. We ate well. When Omar brought me the check I was more than mortified when I discovered I didn’t have either pesos or dollars! I offered to wash dishes but there aren’t many dishes to do in a taco shop. “I’ve got a better Idea”, Omar said. “We need a little help at the food counter.” And I was gainfully employed for the rest of the afternoon. One of my friends took the photo you see here.



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2 responses to “LUNCH IS ON ME, MUCHACHOS!

  1. I think that this is where the old adage “Look before you leap” applies.

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