As long as we’re peeking into the new novel, you might as well meet Sabrina, the attractive señorita who bought a tall , handsome American for $250. At twenty-six, Sabrina grew tired of the charming, gallant, and unfaithful machos of Tecate. Somewhere around page-12 she answered an ad that read: MEET AMERICAN MEN AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. This brought her to Treenie Contreras, Tecate’s Peter Lorre lookalike. Treenie claims to be Tecate’s only state licensed matchmaker. The truth is is Treenie keeps a number of official municipal and state government credentials in his pocket to meet the need at hand. Treenie is also a Peter Lorre soundalike and spoke to her in a low pharyngeal whisper. “I have just the man for you, tall, good looking, blue eyes and hair the color of ripe wheat at harvest time.” The guacamole really hit the fan when a young American of that description arrived in Tecate and discovered he had been sold like a kilo of pork chops.


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  1. Gracias, Mikel. When Sonia, my housekeeper of many years, comes in here this afternoon with my Don Julio, I will raise my glass to you – salud!

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