After long days of snow, and ice followed by 76 mph Santa Ana winds, I had to get outdoors. Sonia, my trusty housekeeper of many years who claims she knows everything, served me a nice deep dish Don Julio prior to departure. It felt good to get out into the hills and stretch the limbs. As I came around a bend in the road I suddenly saw a huge Jurassic lizard poised to attack and suck my blood. I got this shot only seconds before the creature could come down on me. It was a close call. I learned two things that afternoon. One: prehistoric lizards do not suck blood. They rip the flesh from their prey with their powerful jaws. Two: no more deep dish DJs before setting out on a hike in dangerous territory.



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2 responses to “AUXILIO!

  1. Hola Daniel de españa,
    a mí me parece más como una tortuga y que puede dar un buen mordisco grave. Cuidate.

  2. Turtle or lizard, it’s best to avoid a bite on the nalgas.

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