Our winner is Sandy Fitzegerald who said. “It’s got to be Sisyphus although you are much more handsome.”



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5 responses to “OOOPS!

  1. Oh Sandy, what a beautiful thing to say. Love you!

  2. Sandy Fitzgerald

    Love you too. We are so excited about coming to the Diana. Luke started reminiscing about the last time there so many years ago.

  3. Sandy dear. Send me your email address so we can exchange notes. I have a terrible time with FB. Saludos to Luke!!



    I think this is how you asked me to contact you, I am not really sure if this is your e-mail account or if it goes to one of your minions, if so, I mean one of your trusted servants.

    (FYI) This is actually Sandy’s husband Luke writing this.

    Sunday the 26th looks good for us, what time are you thinking? Daylight hours works for us. If that doesn’t align with your schedule we could meet some weekday after I get out of school that would put us in Tecate sometime after 3:00 pm.

    We are so looking forward to this.

    Luke & Sandy

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