I noticed El Flaco and Don Obdulio were back on their favorite bench in the plaza and I must admit I found their conversation interesting

Well, how do you like the new plaza?
I don’t. Why does everything have to change?
I know what you mean. When I was young I used to tie up under that big alamo.
We all tied up there. We used t come on horseback every Sunday and flirt with all the pretty girls.
That’s how I met Angelina. We’ve been married forty eight years.
Look at it now – no horses at all The whole plaza is now surrounded by cars. It looks like a used car lot.
The young boys and girls still come to the plaza but it’s just not the same.
Just look at those two girls on that bench over there. Their busy poking at those little tablets. How can you flirt properly with a boy when you’re busy with that thing?
They call it texteando.
And I call it stupid. I’d rather talk to a pretty girl and invite her to stroll around the plaza with me.
Or maybe buy her a mango ice cream.
Look, there goes old Don Patricio.
Yes, I see he still wears that kerchief over his face.
He’s a very careful man.
Don Patricio is the most careful man in Tecate. I’ve never seen him without it. He says there’s a lot of germs in the air.
He won’t leave the house when it’s raining without his rubber boots, raincoat and umbrella.
He won’t eat chicharrones, you know.
I know. He says chicharrones are full of cholera.
Cholesterol. What’s that thing around his neck?
It’s a plaster cast. You didn’t know about his accident?
Don Patricio, an accident? Impossible! He’s the most careful man in Tecate. What happened?
He walked into Genaro’s feed store last week when they were remodeling. There was a sign on the front door that said. DANGER! USE EAST ENTRANCE.
And he walked in the wrong door? Don Patricio would never do that. He’s much to careful.
No.he walked in the right door.
What are you talking about?
When the construction workers changed position a workman moved the sign from the west entrance and put it on the east entrance.
Listen! There goes the 2 o’clock whistle at the brewery.
It’s time to get home and get my dinner.
See you tomorrow.


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