Along with the rain El NIño showed up with a few of his friends, El Viento, El Frio and Jack Frost. Our only defense here on the ranch is a big kettle of pozole simmering over an open fire. Buen provecho!



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6 responses to “EL NIÑO DROPPED IN!

  1. Hi Daniel from Spain
    Well we may not have El Niño, but we will be dropping from 20°C today down to a mere 9° at the weekend with a minimum of -2°. They reckon that there could be some precipitation Saturday night so it might even be snow down to 1000m (or lower) and we live at 723m which means we could have sleet. I think the log-burner could well be alight for the first time this winter season and it is still only autumn. It will be a good time to try out the new electric hoist we have had installed to bring the logs up 18 feet from the wood-store (hopefully it will be much better than having to carry them up by hand). At least with about 7000 pounds of logs, we should have plenty even for an extended winter seeing as we normally only burn a third to a half of that amount.
    Could have a good pot of stew on the go for the weekend as well.

    Stay warm and dry, our old bones don’t take too well to cold weather.

  2. Carmen Ybarra Cheatwood

    We have already been blessed with snow. Fortunately it covered everything but did nit stick to the sidewalk or driveways. Love snow…HATE shoveling.

  3. It sounds like you’re fully automated! I still split and haul wood myself.

    • We have a guy in the village, Tomás, who comes by every year to supply us with logs (leña) from the olive groves. He, aided by his son, cuts them to length, delivers them and they carry them down two floors where our log store is and they stack them. At just €110 (117 US$) per metric tonne (2200 lb), why should I do it myself? – it gives him an income and gives us much needed fuel.

      We have another Tomás in the village who is our equivalent of your “Treeny” and sells houses.

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